From a young age I’ve been interested in wood and the art of woodworking. Carving, shaping, and sanding the wood to make something greater than the original piece of wood fascinates me.  You could say that I have a love affair with wood of all kinds.  Learning the characteristics of each type of wood is a passion.

However, my experience with luthiery and woodworking began in earnest when I enrolled in the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There, I worked with some profoundly talented and learned luthiers on a personal level. They taught me much during my time there, but I am constantly learning more as I forge my own path.

I developed close relationships with Sigmund Johannessen, master luthier, and Mike Jarvis, master repair technician and consider them to be friends as well as mentors.  Sigmund brings dedication and passion to his handcarved archtops, creating some of the best guitars available today. Mike has an unparalleled knowledge of repairs from his 30 plus years in the industry. I am fortunate for the opportunity to train with and learn from them, and I strive to approach their level of excellence.

My music endeavors include playing bass, guitar and singing. Along with my music interests I am an avid outdoorsman. I love hiking and camping, but basically, if it involves fishing, I’m all in.

Luthiery is the perfect melding of all of the skills I have acquired throughout my life. My love of music, art, design, craft, and the challenges that arise with each new instrument will surely sustain me for years to come.